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Sustainability Challenge: Spring 2023


Learn how automated design and AI are shaping the future of sustainable design and the steps you can take now. 


What technologies and other innovations are reshaping the business of architecture? What skills are most needed in design firms? Learn what’s really working, and where architects and engineers can put their focus.


Charlie Cichetti, LEED Fellow & founder of Sustainable Investment Group, and Marty Rozmanith, one of the creators of Revit and a recognized AEC expert, are your hosts for the Spring 2023 Sustainability Challenge. 

This FREE education is delivered in a format designed to fit your schedule. Watch bite-sized educational videos each day. You’ll get actionable insights to prepare you and your firm for what’s next on the sustainability horizon. 

You’ll learn from Charlie, Marty, and other experts in sustainability and advanced technologies. In just one week, you’ll increase your understanding of the fast-moving world of sustainable design and your role in creating a healthier, more equitable, lower-carbon future. 

Register for this free interactive week-long challenge. You can earn up to 3 CE credits. Starting today, you’ll get two video clips daily in your inbox for five days.

Register for this bite-sized educational seminar today!

Spend just 30 minutes a day - at a time that works for you - to increase your understanding of the key trends and technologies shaping the future of sustainable design.

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Learning Objective #1

Describe the key ways green building rating systems will impact your projects.

Learning Objective #2

Evaluate how automation and AI can reduce the Carbon Footprint of buildings.

Learning Objective #3

Identify the steps to create a data-rich digital twin.

Learning Objective #4

Get hands-on practice using new techniques on one of your projects.

Sustainable design is essential to building a Net-Zero future

If you want to know what’s coming in sustainable design, how emerging tools and technologies will affect your business, and how to get started using these tools on your projects, then this program is for you.